About Me


My name is Jaci (pronounced Jackie) Prance and I currently live in Decatur, AL.  I have six years experience of teaching Business/Marketing/Technology, as well as English Language Arts.                               



For my undergraduate degree, I attended the University of North Alabama. During my time at UNA, I was a member of the Pride of Dixie Marching Band and an active sister of Tau Beta Sigma. In 2002, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education. I am certified, in AL, to teach Business/Marketing and English/Language Arts. 


Leo III and Una





fvh8dosf3e6m21tmdn38ue7wvMy initial reason for pursuing the M.E.T. degree from Boise State was to become more familiar with using technology in the classroom. My mission is to be able to teach students of all ages using any and all tools available. No Child (or adult) Left Behind is my teaching mantra. I truly believe I need to stay up-to-date to be a more effective teacher/co-worker/employee. 

The purpose of my learning log is to allow me a place to reflect,  record my skills and store my completed artifacts while I am enrolled at Boise State.  

 Feel free to leave a comment or write me an email at jaciprance@u.boisestate.edu