Cell Phones in the Classroom..(Poll Entry)

In today’s classrooms, the majority of students have a cell phone in their possession. However, many educators stay away of incorporating them into the classrooms. Please answer the poll below to tell how much cell phone usage you incorporate weekly into your classroom.



13 thoughts on “Cell Phones in the Classroom..(Poll Entry)

    • Wow, really?? That’s sad to me because we as educators should embrace some of the culture our students are living in; and let’s be honest, cell phones are stitched to their hands! Lol
      What kind of school do you work in, high, middle,or elementary?


  1. My program also doesn’t allow them. I teach adults for a private company. I am not opposed to them theoretically, but their use needs to be managed so that they remain tools and not toys.


      • Because, sigh, the test doesn’t allow calculators. In addition, sometimes adults are far worse than kids when it comes to phone etiquette. “Oh, don’t worry! I can still hear you talking while I’m taking this phone call!” Somehow they missed the stairs from every other student in the room. Ironically, it almost feels like kids who grew up with phones intuitively know the social rules more than the adults do.

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  2. Rebecca Davis says:

    Hi Jaci,

    Cell phones are “officially” banned at my school, but I like to take the approach it is better to ask forgiveness than permission… I agree! We should embrace the world and the devices our students use and live in. To be honest… I think I get more candid, real responses from my students when I have them use their device to answer an exit ticket type question than I do when I give them a slip of paper or an index card. How about you?



    • I agree!!!! I think it is the anonymity feel of texting versus writing an answer out but I feel like I get more “real” answers when I allow devices.

      I am baffled at the number of people that have said cell phones are still banned. Are districts afraid of the monitoring of the device or what? I think we need to embrace the things that affect our students. Cell phones have a great impact on our students’ social lives.


  3. Jaci, I would love to use phones more often. They are also restricted in my EFL classrooms but very few of my students have a working data plan anyway. They rely on wi-fi and our school doesn’t provide a password to the students.

    Even still, I’m surprised to see that I’m the 3rd person who doesn’t use them for learning. Hopefully your poll gets some more response for a more accurate picture. How about your classes, Jaci?


    • Todd, I didn’t use them as much as I could have allowed. If we did any assignment that required a computer, those that wanted to use their cell phones were allowed to do so. However, I can’t say I created a lesson strictly for cell phone use. What is baffling to me is that they are still restricted in districts. Are they restricted to faculty or just students?

      When I created my poll, I was thinking more along the lines of middle and high school. I don’t know how cell phone use would go over in an elementary setting, because like you said there are not many students at that age they carry a cell phone. =)


  4. I had to answe “never” simply because I teach second grade so my students don’t have cell phones yet! However, if I taught at a school that allowed the use of cell phones and the majority of the students owned one I would Iove to incorporate them into my lessons. I would also make sure to have extra mobile devices for those who don’t have one or aren’t not allowed to bring it to school.


  5. I have to admit I am surprised by how many have responded that cell phones are banned at their schools. I think that is really sad because if they are used correctly, they can be a great learning tool. My students used their cell phones most days in my classes. I used Google Classroom daily, and many students preferred to access it on their phones. We also used them for polls, interactive presentations, Padlets, research, and more. I am interested to see the results of this poll as more people respond. Thanks for sharing.


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