Personal Narrative Essay (video entry)

This past school year my sixth graders learned about how to construct a personal narrative. This was rather confusing to them because they were used to the more formal way of five paragraphs, stay in the third person, etc. During this time I was taking a YouTube class at BSU, so I went there to help find something that would help teach the points of a Personal Narrative Essay or PNE!

I found many options but like I said in a previous post, many of my students liked the entertainment value especially when it came to an educational video. So, low and behold I found an awesome one! This lesson on personal narratives has all of the elements my students needed to stay engaged and participate in class discussion. I was very proud of them. Plus, they like the fact she used “Last Kiss” by Pearl Jam to help illustrate all of the required elements on a PNE.


6 thoughts on “Personal Narrative Essay (video entry)

  1. Don’t you just love YouTube!! I always use it as a resource and have found some pretty awesome tutorials for apps, lesson ideas, and many other awesome topics. I also like to create YouTube tutorials for new apps and ideas I try!

    I love enhancing personal narratives with video! In first grade, we do all about me stories and we used technology to help kids add voice and personality to their stories.

    How did the stories turn out? Did the use of the video improve the lesson?


    • I LOVE YouTube….and can get sucked right in by viewing video after video. I also like using it in my classroom because it gives the students a break from “the teacher.”

      As far as the essays went I think it helped greatly. Many of them had awesome imaginations. For sixth grade, I was highly impressed. There were still a few that got confused, but overall I feel it was a success!


    • Ha! Thank you. I try to put myself in the student’s seat every now and then and try to figure out what would help in retaining information. I know sometimes the teacher becomes just like a parent in a way and gets tuned out. I try to find tools and lessons that help them become more engaged and focused…..and not too “boring!” lol


  2. Hi Jaci, I’m intrigued about your 6th-grade students’ personal narratives! So, did you have them create a video? Or was it written? Or were they able to choose? It’s great that you found a video on YouTube that fit so nicely into your unit and taught what you needed to teach. Often I search and find some good options but ones that aren’t exactly what I need them to be.


    • Hey Becky,

      My students wrote their PNEs. Well, actually we practice typing them because the state assessment was a 30 minute timed,typed essay. So we practiced as much as possible like how we were going to be tested. The YouTube video was used to show what the required elements of a PNE were and to demonstrate how it could possible look. I really lucked out when I found this one!


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