What Would Be the Best Integration Process? (Discussion Entry)

I have always been technology-minded in my teaching career. I enjoy working with it as well as instructing others on how to use/implement it.  My ideal job would be a Technology Integration Specialist for my district.

My question is this…for those teachers that began teaching without using much technology, what could I do to help ease them into the integration process without it becoming so overwhelming I end up losing them?


3 thoughts on “What Would Be the Best Integration Process? (Discussion Entry)

  1. I am not a teacher, but I do a lot of teaching as a librarian and I am married to a teacher. What would be best from my point of view would be a few sessions to go over some of the new tech tools available. This could be followed up with more specific instructional sessions related to one particular program or app sets that individuals sign up for as they need. That way if you just need a basic overview and time to play around on the technology you just go to the overview session. If you want a more in depth understanding you sign up for the breakout sessions specific to your needs.

    Even these options may be overwhelming though, like you said. You may just want to start by going around the school and asking teachers how they feel about technology. You could also find out which tech tools, if any, they are currently using. You could then continue the discussion by talking to them about some of their favorite assignments and lesson topics. Based on this discussion you could suggest the use of one tech tool that may help them teach their favorite assignment or lesson. As they gain confidence you could slowly add more tools.



  2. I am super excited because I am going to be a Technology Integration Specialist for my district this next year. I am also a little nervous though because it is all new to me, and we have quite a few teachers who are pretty reluctant to use any technology. I think for teachers who do not use much technology, it is really important to start small. Maybe suggest one technology tool and show multiple ways to use it, or choose a task like bell work and slowly introduce different tools to accomplish it. I also think it is important to offer a lot of support. Let them know you are available to help if something doesn’t work the way it is supposed to. I also think it is super important that you administration is on board with teachers implementing technology. Teachers need to feel like they can take risks and not be punished if they fail.


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