Introduction for EdTech 537

Hello! My name is Jaci (pronounced Jackie) Prance and I live in Decatur, AL.  I am currently working on my M.E.T degree from BSU and I hope to finish up this December (2017).  I will also be earning the certificate for Technology Integration Specialist.

In my teaching career, I just completed my fifth year teaching public school and my seventh year of teaching.  My undergraduate degree was earned at the University of North Alabama in Florence, AL. I am certified to teach Business/Marketing and English Language Arts 6-12.

This reason I signed up to take this course is that I have always felt it could be a useful tool for the classroom. I while ago I was involved in a PD session and part of it spoke about how blogs were being used. Even though I have always wanted to start a blog, I was never sure about how to actually implement it into my classrooms. This is why I chose to take this class, so I can discover the many different options and determine what would work best for me and students.

In my spare time (ha ha) I like to read, mainly romance novels but I am learning to appreciate other genres. I also have a great family (hubs and two kids,, 13 & 9) that keep me busy. During the summer we are either at Point Mallard Water Park, home of the 1st wave pool in the U.S., or we are in someone else’s pool!  lol


3 thoughts on “Introduction for EdTech 537

  1. Hi Jaci! It’s so nice to see a distance classmate so close to home! I look forward to see how this blog develops as we both teach ELA. It will definitely afford us a way to bounce ideas off one another. It’s sure to be a journey. On a fun note, we love Point Mallard!


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