Final Reflection for 541

EdTech 541 is coming to a close…..and with this I have looked backed and realized how much I have gained in the course of a few months. Mainly, my mind set on what constitutes as Technology! This class was not always easy for me…..many because I am not currently in a classroom. I stressed many of these past weeks trying to make sure I met the criteria of the artifact(s) guidelines and to make sure I had chosen the right tools and planned a good lesson; not to forget the research I needed to do weekly for my blog entries. Overall, I firmly believe the stress was worth it….below you will find my final reflection on this course along with how I assessed my performance.

  • What have you learned?

When I first looked at this question, I blanked; not because I couldn’t remember, but because there are so many things I am taking away. If I had to prioritize, I would say the #1 thing learned would be learning about relative advantage (RA). I learned I needed to keep RA in mind when I set out to look for technology for a given lesson. RA will help me determine if the technology will benefit the students or just keep them busy or entertained. Technology has a purpose in the classroom as long the RA can be determined, otherwise the students are receiving no real benefit from it.

I also learned about all the different types of technologies that can be integrated into a lesson. I never really gave much thought about how a “game” can also be used to teach a marketing subject. I knew there were Math and Science games, but through this course I found (and bookmarked) a plethora of marketing games, simulations, and so much more.

  • How theory guided development of the projects and assignments you created?

Prior to this course I thought to believe myself to be an objectivist, using directed instruction. However, I am not sure if it’s because of what I have learned so far in the M.E.T program, but I have discovered I lean more to the constructivism when I was creating many of my lesson plans.  I believe I have elements of both, but I have learned that I need to start making the students more responsible in their own learning.

  • How the course work demonstrates mastery of the AECT standards?

The AECT Standards for using, creating, and assessing/evaluating were the most prevalent in our artifacts this semester.  They demonstrated our knowledge of our content areas where we had to create lessons with appropriate technology. We also, in many cases, actually used the technology to demonstrate how it would be used in our classrooms. In our learning logs we assessed/evaluated these lessons and technology, as well as, reflected on how it would on the used in a classroom. Theoretical Foundations were mastered in each lesson by having to research and determine the goals of the lesson and then determine the type of instruction to be used to deliver the lesson. This is where we resolved if our lesson would be directed instruction, (objectivism), inquiry-based learning (constructivism) or both.

  • How have you grown professionally?

I feel like I am more confident in my abilities to integrate technology into my content area. I also believe I am prepared to be able to teach other instructors how to begin integrating and/or become more efficient in their integration. One thing I have discovered, I am more willing to try something new and reflect upon it, rather than sit and complain about how times are changing. I would rather be an initiator than in instigator.

  • How have your teaching practice or thoughts about teaching have been impacted by what you have learned or accomplished in this course? What will you do differently as an educator as a result of this course?

My thoughts have changed drastically since I began this course. In my teaching experience before I relied greatly on the text book and the textbook resources; which didn’t work all that well at the time. Now I am more willing to embrace the different technologies that will not only engage my students but will (hopefully) drive them to want to learn more; to take the initiative and take ownership of their own learning. As an educator I want to move more into a facilitator role and make my class more student-centered rather than teacher-centered.


Assess My Performance

  • Criteria                                            I would rate myself Proficient                           65 pts

I believe my blog posts were full of thought, insight and synthesis. However I I feel some may have lacked depth and detail.

  • Reading and Resources                I would rate myself Outstanding                       20 pts

I made sure I did use APA style; I rechecked with the manual and online with the Purdue OWL. The textbook was my primary resource for this course and I used other materials when warranted.

  • Timeliness                                     I would rate myself Proficient                            15 pts

All of my posts were made by the deadline. However, a few were made on the day of the deadline.

  • Responses to Other Students       I would rate myself Proficient                            25 pts

I responded to two peers’ post each week.

Total                                                                                                                            125 pts


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