Obstacles and Solutions to Integration of Technology

When I received my undergraduate degree we were not “taught” integration. We did presentations, but that was about it.  When I began teaching, mimicking what I had been shown, I relied heavily on Microsoft Office; since that was basically the only “technology” I knew. So, it was no surprise when I read The Digital Librarian’s Blog and she noted, “Teachers do not have the time or experience to properly integrate technology into the classroom.”  “Additionally, many educators mistakenly believe that any technology is good technology. This means that, at times, the introduction of technology may be a barrier in and of itself.” During my research on obstacles I could not locate anything specific for a high school marketing class. Therefore, I am writing about a few that I actually encountered when I taught.

One of the major obstacles I had as a Marketing teacher was actually not using enough technology. Since I have began the M.E.T. program at Boise State I am now more aware of various options.  Quizlet is a good source to begin using for those of us that want to start small with integration. Quizlet allows for students to create flashcards on a lesson’s key terms and main ideas. It also allows teachers to create quizzes for the students to take digitally.

Another obstacle, which coincides with the first, is allowing the students to take control of their learning. I’ve discovered I did not do much in the way of creating lessons that were student-centered; mostly teacher-centered. One solution to this is incorporate simulations, such as Game Corp which is a simulation game about owning a business and staying profitable. Another simulation is Shoot For Mars; “The Marketing Management Simulation is designed to address the pedagogical requirements of an Introduction to Marketing or Marketing Management class. It is appropriate for mass sections as well as smaller class sizes. Students play the role of a marketing manager responsible for corporate marketing planning, implementation, and control. Teams compete for sales, share, and contribution to corporate profitability.”

Another solution is to begin using Project-Based Learning in the classroom. I recently created one for another class and discovered how technology-rich they could be as well as student centered. This solution is a little more time consuming in the pre-planning and creating stages, but I have found that many standards can be met in a PBL and it moves the teacher to a role of facilitator.


Conley, L. (2010). Barriers to integrating technology – The Digital Librarian. Retrieved April 08, 2016, from https://sites.google.com/site/thedigitallibrarian/barriers-to-integrating-technology.

2 thoughts on “Obstacles and Solutions to Integration of Technology

  1. Hey Jaci. I really like how you mentioned your own experience and challenges with integration. Does it seem like many of your colleagues also face the same challenge? I’m happy to see that you are forward thinking.


  2. Thank you!! I think my challenges were representative of those of us that went through our teaching training without much technology as a base. Today’s college classes use more in the education of new teachers, therefore they are more comfortable with the integration process.


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