Post Project Reflection

This weeks blog entry for my Project Based Learning class is to think about how I plan to debrief after all is said and done. Believe it or not I had trouble with this blog entry. I think it that is mainly due to the fact that I am not currently in a classroom.

  • Who will you involve in the process?

I can most definitely say the my students will be involved since they are the ones that participated. I would like to also include the administration, but I believe that will be determined by the administration I will have at the time I implement this PBL. Eventually I would like to include an ad agency or some professionals in the advertising field to help make this a more authentic PBL.

  • What will your process look like?

Most of my debrief will be from my own reflections during this PBL. These reflections will include info from my observations during the PBL, the final articles that were submitted, and the feedback surveys completed by the students. I would like to conduct an open discussion with the students to get their verbal feedback because sometimes students will say more than they are willing to write down on paper. I would also love to have an administrator hear this conversation.

  • Is it just a one-time assessment?

No lesson has a one-time assessment. I believed all teachers constantly assess their lessons multiple times to change or at least reflect on the actual outcomes versus what was perceived at the beginning of the PBL.

Here is a link to my PBL Advertising for a Cause.


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