Relative Advantage of Using Technology in a Marketing Classroom

According to there are five steps teachers can follow to help get students actively engaged in learning, They are:

  1. Connect what you’re teaching to real life
  2. Use students’ interests and fascinations
  3. Give students choices
  4. Present information in multiple formats
  5. Teach students self-monitoring skills

In my previous teaching experience I strived to meet these five steps daily, and realized I failed many times.

There are many teachers, including myself, who struggle with finding methods and/or tools to help aid students to become more involved with the learning process. When I chose marketing as my content area I could “see” how I could “easily” make this subject relevant to my students. Fast forward to my first teaching job and I realized pretty fast it was not as easily as I had originally perceived.

Enter in technology. I am one of those teachers (not old, just “those”) that did not have a lot of technology in the classroom growing up. Therefore, before my enrollment to BSU I did not think about the impact that integrating technology could have on a marketing classroom. I did small projects that mainly used Microsoft Office and some Internet research.

In a marketing class, technology can help overcome some barriers to understanding the concept. Technology helps put the learning process more on the students. by having them create something like an ebook ( or create flashcards using Quizlet to help understand key terms and ideas. Simulations such as Shoot for Mars give students more in-depth practice and knowledge because it teaches in a method that is more pleasing to the student. They retain more information when they enjoy what they are doing; thus making it more engaging and relevant.

Technology also makes it more authentic because it opens doors to collaboration and to a bigger audience. Students can essentially have their work published on the internet for anyone to look, find, and/or use. Using activities like a blog or creating a website gives students more opportunities to create authentic works.

An article form Edtech Review points out, “Students love using new technology in the classroom. The interest of students in technology allows teachers to vary activities of the day and engage students.” I can see how some of the activities I have previously used in my classroom could have different outcomes. Once such activity, I had students create a brand new product. They had to include a drawing of the item, on poster board, with all of the necessary labeling. Today, I could incorporate graphic design software and let their imaginations really take off.

Not currently being in the classroom I am sure there are more ways that technology in a marketing class can be more engaging, relevant, and authentic. Practice helps in seeing the big picture and I can not wait!


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