The Importance of Scaffolding in a PBL

Scaffolding is very important when creating Project Based Learning (PBL). It helps to keep students focused and motivated. A teacher cannot present a PBL and then walk away and have the students work completely on their own. They have to constantly facilitate. Scaffolding allows for small instruction and facilitation. As a  facilitator, teachers may show (demonstrate) how to complete a task that will be done on that day.

In my PBL’s Teaching and Learning Guide, I plan for small instruction and demonstrations daily. At the beginning there will be  more small instruction about what is needed to be in their projects. As we go along I will move to facilitator. I will need to demonstrate file conversion and how to begin editing a video/voice recording, just to name a few.

A teacher’s role is very minimal in a PBL. That is why scaffolding is so important and needs to be done correctly. Students tend to get bored or distracted easily, but with scaffolding this can be minimized as best as possible.


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