Benefits of Multimedia in the Classroom

This weeks blog entry is about the relative advantage of using multimedia in the classroom. I created a video for this entry.  Please forgive the moving/twitching…..I obviously need more practice.



5 thoughts on “Benefits of Multimedia in the Classroom

  1. I liked you use of the steps outlined by that article to show how multimedia can be used in the classroom. Do you have a link to that article? I have used many of these multimedia tools in my grad classes but have yet to integrate too many of them into my own classroom.


  2. Hi, Jaci- I liked watching your video blog! I appreciate that you mention that multimedia decreases behavior issues in the classroom. When students are more engaged in their learning, classroom management problems tend to decrease. I am glad that you mentioned that! I find that classroom management can be tough with junior high students, so anything that I can do to help myself with that is definitely beneficial! I would also love to know what grade you teach. What specific forms of multimedia have you found are most effective for decreasing behavior issues?


    • Currently I am only subbing, but I have taught 8th-12th. At the time I used the Office Suite for many projects, Internet, videos (used sparingly). I have been out of the classroom for a few years and can’t remember some. I did use Typing Tutor a lot at the time because my school had eliminated the keyboarding class, but teachers were still asking students to type up reports and such.

      Through my subbing (mostly middle school)I have discovered Google Classroom, Google Docs, Quizlet, Stride Academy, Edmodo, Prezi and meany more. When teachers have students working with these medias my days usually are calmer than when they are required to only complete book work. Anything that allows the students to work more hands-on and have some control over the outcome has worked for me.


  3. Jaci-
    Great video blog post! I enjoyed hearing about the ideas listed on the site you found for this assignment. I am very interested in checking out that article! The idea of students creating a learning log using voice thread sounds cool. Thanks for posting this and the article that inspired it!


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