Project Based Learning….Driving Question

In my PBL class this week we focused on creating our driving question (DQ). What is a driving question? According to out textbook, a DQ “clearly states the purpose of the project. It gives a focus to all the tasks students do ” (pg 40). There are three characteristics of a DQ: 1. DQ is provocative or challenging; 2. open-ended and/or complex; 3. linked to the core of what you want students to learn. I feel like my DQ meets these criteria, however I am fearful it is not specific enough. Here is a link to my PBL lesson’s overview page which states my DQ and ten sub-questions.

Another item we created this week was our visual project organizer. We were able to choose an organizer we liked and begin setting up how we felt our project would look/happen. I chose to create a Padlet because it appeared to be the easiest in rearranging when or if needed. Right now, in the beginning stages I am not ready for make anything concrete.


Larmer, J., Ross, D., & Mergendoller, J. R. (2009). PBL starter kit: To-the-point advice, tools and tips for your first project in middle or high school. Novato, CA: Buck Institute for Education.


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