Project-Based Learning ….My Research

This week in my EdTech 542 class I have been researching ideas that I could possibly use for my own PBL. I have found this to be highly intimidating and have questioned my ability as a teacher more than once.

I have quickly realized that I am THAT teacher that likes to have the control, so when I execute my PBL that will be an issue. My textbook talked about those that are beginning need to attempt small time lengths for their new PBL to get a feel for it and to help transition the students as well. I also feel overwhelmed with all of the research and planning that goes into creating a PBL. I see the benefits of PBL and I would like to be able to eventually change my style of teaching to incorporate more PBLs, but I am also aware of my internal struggle. My hope, with the help of this course, is to become more willing to change!

In my findings this week I found some very exciting and what looked like fun PBLs.  There were two that seemed to speak to me, they were Public Service Advertising Campaign and Digital Storytelling. Both of these excited the creative part in me and can be adapted to work in any Business/Marketing class. I like how PBLs are recommended to have a relatable factor for the students involved. When I assign projects I always try to keep this in mind. I feel like the students would be more invested if they could actually see how the outcome would or could pertain to them. I believe I am leaning closer to the advertising campaign because I have a lesson on advertising that I could combine to help create my PBL. I need to tweak it so it is less teacher centered and more student centered. I really can not wait to see how all of this comes together!


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