TechTrends BYOD…Bring Your Own Device

This assignment had me to select a tool that was discussed in the Horizon Report and investigate it. Then, I was to create something using that tool that I could later use in my classroom.  I chose BYOD…Bring Your Own Device.

Currently, at the middle school that I have been working in the most, the administration has enacted a reading initiative for the whole school. Basically, I student needs to read a chapter book of their choice for at least 30 minutes a night. Then, when they finish the book they are allowed to be entered into a drawing for some nice prizes. The more books they read the more entries they can fill out. The drawings are held once a month with about ten winners each month.

One of the main things I have been hearing is that some of the students are having a hard time finding books that appear to be interesting to them. So that is how I came up with my lesson plan for a book commercial. Each student creates a commercial about a book they have read. The commercial needs to give more information than the book blurb, but it should not give the whole thing away. I think this would help some students choose a book they would have probably passed by.

Based on the SAMR model, this activity would be considered to be on the augmentation level. Students use their device of choice with the software of their choice. However, I think with some improvement it could easily move to the modification level. Click on the link below to see the lesson plan I created to use when I incorporate it into my classroom. I have also included the activity sheet I will hand out to the students along with the rubric I would use to grade the projects.  I pictured the incorporation into a Language Arts class, however, it can be used across the curriculum.

Tech Trends artifact


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