Annotated Bibliography

To say this assignment came easy to me would be like saying herding cats is awesome. I quickly realized that my research skills along with my writing skills have not been utilized since my undergrad days, which in ended in 2002.

In saying that, I learned so much in completing this assignment. For starters, I learned about doi’s. The Direct Object Identifiers could have came in handle while I was working on my undergraduate degree. Because I do remember finding articles and then later “something” would happen an *poof* it would no longer be found.

Something else I learned about was the 1:1 Laptop Initiatives. I didn’t realize how early it started. And when I begin this assignment I wondered how 1:1 would work with students with special needs. I know there is always negative to go with positive, but I think in the articles I read the positive was too strong to ignore.

Here is a link to my annotated bibliography.


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