Code of Professional Ethics in Educational Technology

First of all, learning about the AECT’s Code of Professional Ethics was eye opening. Not because I didn’t already comply, but that there was such a thing. I know as an educator that it is my job to protect the student and represent my institution in a pleasing manner. However, I was surprised to see it broken down by what was required for the commitment to the individual, society, and the profession. With my personality I like cut and dry rules and regulations, but I understand that in ethics it will not always be easy to point out what is ethically or unethically correct versus moral or immoral in teaching educational technology.

I use to work in a school system that had a high level of students living on a poverty level. Many of these students had missing parents, parents who worked two or more jobs, or parents in jail for drugs or something worse.  I say this, not ridicule but to let you understand the decision making process of some of my students. At the time, MySpace and Facebook were becoming popular and picture sharing was growing. The school secretary had a child of her own in the same school system and therefore knew many of the students personally. So when she created her own MySpace and Facebook accounts she naturally “friend-ed” many of her child’s friends. This is when I discovered, for myself, how I would  handle this scenario personally. Many students began posting pictures of themselves or friends and /or family dealing with drugs, guns, and or sex. Did she (the secretary) have a duty to the student, student body, administration, and society to notify the proper channels about the content she was witnessing? Here is a link to my paper and how I think AECT’s Code of Professional Ethics standards apply to educators “friending” students on social media.



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